Here is a recommended plan of study covering the basics of physics. The first list covers the basic line-up of courses, while the second covers subjects and book recommendations. To search through the page use "Control-F."

Order Course Details Relative Study
1 Introductary Classical Physics Covers basic information relating to the uses of Newtonian Mechanics without much indepth history. Starts with algebra, leds into calculus. 1 Month
2 Introductary Electricity and Magnetism Displays and uses the Laws of Magnetism 2 Weeks
3 Introductary Modern Physics Gives a breif overview of late 18th / early 19th century physics, once again without going too much into origins 2 Months
4 Intermediate Mechanics Catches up the missing bits of mechanics, covers Largange mechanics 3 Months
5 Intermediate E&M Much more indepth veiw into E&M and more modern look into late 19th century physics. Covers origins of Maxwell, Schrodinger and wave mechanics 3 Months
6 Quantum Mechanics Exclusive view on Schrodinger and Quantum states 4 Months
7 Relativity (Special and General) Indepth look into the speed of light along with spacetime. Should be noted special relativity is easier of the two, and a solid math background is required to really understand general relativity. ??? months

Course/Subject Epic Books Study Material Books to Avoid
Quantum Mechanics Quantum Mechanics by Griffiths None Six Ideas that Shaped Physics
Special Relativity Bohrs Special Relativity None Six Ideas that Shaped Physics