Here is a recommended plan of study covering the basics of Math. The first list covers the basic line-up of courses, while the second covers subjects and book recommendations. To search through the page use "Control-F."

Order Course Details Relative Study
1 Algebra I Covers the introduction of variables and basic operations 1 Month
2 Geometery Graphs of functions 2 Weeks
3 Algebra II Algebra but with the introduction of multiple variables. Carrys on to rate ratios and pre calculus basics. 2 Months
4 Calculus Introduces differentials and Integrals 3 Months
5 Multi-Variate Calculus Calculus expanded to multiple planes and variables. Introduces analysis formulas. 3 Months
6 Linear Algebra Sets the mood of matrixes and uses of vector spaces. Shows transformation of matrices. 3 Months
7 Differential Equations Advanced course on higher order equations and spaces. 3 Months
8 Abstract Algebra Extended matrixes and operators 3 Months
9 Real Analysis Real number analysis, covering indepth forumlas and proofs 3 Months
10 Complex Analysis Operations of complex numbers and spaces, analyzing functions using complex numbers as median. 3 Months
11 Gaia Theory Haven't seen anything related to this course first hand. However, my friends say you should be able to tell if something's prove-able after this course. 3 Months

Course/Subject Epic Books Study Material Books to Avoid