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Mission statement:
-Leave no stone unturned
-Ascertain Knowledge
-Pool together individuals and do something big
-Have Fun

Who we are:
Rogue Projects is a non-profit organization committed to promoting an active world through the freedom of information, projects and collaborative efforts.

The projects are a constantly evolving organization. What began as a side project- exploration and adventures has led to expansion of projects - taking a form of its own. Exploding into this idea - people deserve the right to bear knowledge.

Founded 2008, current project teams are open to anyone looking for an adventure or a desire to learn more than just the threshold, and put forth the effort to succeed. In contrast to traditional organizations, people are guided not appointed- what you get out of the project is the effort you put in.

We are the Rogue Projects -

About this site:
As stated we promote active learning, this entire site has been an adventure of it's own. You may use any information on this site free of charge as long as proper credit and citations are given. If you like the design of the website, please do right-click anywhere on the page and view the source code, learn some HTML. We try our best to support proper syntax, and human readability.

Editor: John Chu, ENJOY!